Ice Box Seminars

The Ice-Box

Talk with the Pros

Whether you are a seasoned ice fisherman or new to the sport, stop by the ICE BOX and attend open panel discussions with top pros in the industry. This is your opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions while top Ice Fishing pros discuss everything related to the sport of Ice Fishing. There will be a panel of pro-staff on a variety of topics, Hosted by Captain Jarrid Houston, throughout the 3 days.

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Panel Discussion Schedule

Captain Jarrid Houston will host panel discussions on a variety of topics. All discussions will take place in the Arena, throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This will be your opportunity to engage in conversation, listen and learn from the best, to elevate your Ice Fishing to a whole new level!

Panel 1

Featured Panelists

Brad Hawthorne (Brad Hawthorne Guide Service)

Alice Wiese (Wheezy Outdoors / Clam Pro Staff)

Grant Sorensen (Superior Angling Host / Eskimo Pro Staff)

Panel 1 Discussion Times

Friday – 3 pm
Saturday – 11 am & 3 pm
Sunday – 11:30 am

Panel 2

Featured Panelists

Capt. Justin Wiese (Wheezy Outdoors / Clam Pro Staff)

Randin Olson (Lock Jaw Guide Service / Eskimo Pro Staff)

Corey Bechtold (Macula Tackle)

Brandon Oesterreicher (NB Edits)

Panel 2 Discussion Times

Friday – 1 pm & 5 pm
Saturday – 1 pm & 5 pm
Sunday – 1:30 pm

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